Disposable Income Calculator

Disposable Income:  Noun. The pittance you have left after rent, food,
clothes, insurance and dog food.  It's how much you really have to spend on whatever you want.

It's easier to decide how to spend your hard-earned income if you appreciate just how hard you actually worked for it. This simple calculator will tell you how much you earn every hour to spend on whatever you want, guilt free.

Privacy:  This calculator uses Javascript and runs locally on your computer. Nothing is uploaded or logged.

Monthly Income
How many hours do you work per week?   
How much do you earn per month, after taxes   
Monthly Expenses
Rent/mortgage, electricity and heating:    $
Groceries:    $
Internet, telephones and cable:    $
Gas, car payments and Insurance:    $
Loans and credit card payments:    $
Child or elder care:    $
Everything else:    $

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You earn $ per hour after taxes.

You spend $ every hour on expenses.

That leaves $ per hour for whatever you want.

If you spent money on nothing else...
here's how long you really work to earn:

Large coffee, Starbucks.  $1.77

Dinner and a movie for two.  $60

A new laptop.  $1,500
work days.

A month in Greece.  $3,000

Dodge Viper.  Vroom vroom.  $83,000

Just for fun, this is how long you would toil
to accumulate Bill Gate's vast fortune.  $87,000,000,000
million years.

Ok, here's the good news:
If you lowered your expenses by just 10%
You would raise your disposable income by %

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